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Quality Home Services of Delaware Valley Inc 

       Keeping Home Environments Healthy and Pest Free 

For 48 Years 

Welcome: Quality Home Services of Delaware Valley  has been in business over 47 Years. We Specialize in Pest Management and Radon Testing. At Quality Home Services, we strive to keep current and informed regarding issues about environmental health and the changing concepts of our profession. In fact, during the past several years we have researched and studied about ways to provide effective pest management services using non-insecticide and environmentally conscious methods. In conjunction with our Integrated Pest Management Program, we now use Non-Toxic Pest control methods, along with Botanical oils such as Peppermint, Rosemary and Citrus oils. There is so much that we can learn from nature, and at Quality Home Services, we are discovering new solutions to assure our customers that harmful pests and insects will not invade their home. Our vision is to preserve the surrounding nature that we all enjoy so much, while providing effective pest control. Quality Home Services is a proud Member of the National and Pennsylvania Pest Management Associations.

Thank You, Steve Fiorelli 

 Pest Management Professional  

 National and Pennsylvania Pest Management Member 


Protect Your Home Today with
All-Season Pest Management and I.P.M


Inspect: An essential element of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is to inspect and identify the specific pest(s) and root cause of a pest problem at a particular site. Therefore, our trained and expert Quality Technician will perform routine inspections of your home or business and utilize pest and structural zone (I.E. Kitchens and Bathrooms) specific inspection forms to document findings and recommend corrective actions such as Structural and procedural modifications to reduce food, water, harborage and access used by pests. In addition, we also incorporate high-tech equipment such as moisture meters to locate concealed moisture sources.


Protect: Once our technician confirms your specific pest problem we initiate our protection plan tailored just for your home with Habitat Modification, and Physical controls. These methods may include vacuuming, removing trash, and then cleaning the problem area. Our technician will also recommend structural solutions that will help in excluding problem pests and reduce and/or eliminate pest-food sources.


Maintain: We then employ Monitoring, trapping and pest management techniques, which will then provide pest-suppression and control. Quality Home Services also maintains detailed pest management records that help us forecast when a seasonal pest may appear or when an outbreak may occur.


Quality Pest Management

48 Years of Experience-Knowledge-Expertize

 Residential and Commercial Pest Management- School Pest Management-Serving Pennsylvania and Delaware 

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Buying a Home? Quality Home Services can provide you with a Certified Termite and Wood Destroying Insect Report and a Certified Radon Test for your Real Estate Purchase. Furthermore, we can protect your home or property against Termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, and other wood destroying insects with a transferable an renewable certification an warranty. Call today for an appointment!

  Spring is around the corner and Ants will start to become active.

    Call our Quality Pest Expert today for an evaluation of your pest problem! Quality provides Pest Control Service in Delaware-Chester-Montgomery Counties-              610-583-4738


 Quality Home Services of Delaware Valley Inc
Providing The Delaware Valley Region Professional and Caring Service for 48Years 
 Licensed with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania(BU-4495) and Certified with
The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture(848955) for Termite and Pest Control Services. Our Company is also Certified with 
The National Environmental Health Association(NEHA)(100931-RT) and The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Agency(PA-DEP)
 (Individual Certification#1609 and Firm#1610)for Radon Testing using the Radalink Continuous Radon Monitor.

Quality Home Services of Delaware Valley Inc is a member of The National and Pennsylvania Pest Management Associations and AARST (American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists).