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Natural and Organic Mosquito Control


Mosquito Biology and Life Cycle

           Mosquitoes are small primitive flies that breed in standing water

  1.    Mosquitoes have four distinct life stages
  • Egg
  • Larva
  • Pupa
  • Adult


Mosquitoes that carry the West Nile Virus

  • Pennsylvania is home to 60 different species of mosquitoes
  • Species most commonly responsible for transmitting West Nile Virus and other diseases are species that seek out human made containers or areas of environmental disturbances.
  • The West Nile virus is transmitted predominantly by Culex mosquitoes
  • One of the common Pa- Mosquitoes is the Asian Tiger Mosquito
  • The Asian Tiger Mosquito is known to be an effective vector for a variety of global diseases
  • West Nile Virus risk is low with the Asian Tiger Mosquito, because she does not have a preference for birds


 Preferred Breeding sites for Mosquitoes

  1.  Eggs are Laid in artificial containers
  2. Abandoned swimming pools
  3. Tires-Flower pots-Bottle caps
  4. Cans-Plastic bags

Daytime Hangouts

  1. Anywhere cool and Shady
  2. Ivy-Azaleas-Bushes
  3. Other Shrubs and Brush piles 

Quality Mosquito Control

The first step in an effective Mosquito control program is identification of target mosquito and breeding sites

Our Program starts with a complete inspection of the property, so homeowners can take action to reduce breeding sites

The Quality Control Plan includes: Quality uses Environmentally Conscious and Natural oils to control and repel mosquitoes

  • Information on reducing breeding sites
  • Tips on reducing the likelihood of being bit
  • Natural and Organic Pest Control
  • Natural and Organic repellent treatments