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 Quality Radon Testing

Radalink Air-Cat and Tele-Monitor
Radon Testing You Can Depend On!

Professional, Accurate and Precise Radon  Results
  • Hourly Record of Radon, Temperature, Relative Humidity and Barometric Pressure
  • Built-In Check Source (Performs Routine Instrument Performance Check before every test as per EPA CRM Device Protocol)
  • Upon completing the test, the inspector automatically uploads the data from the monitor via phone line and/or Bluetooth connetion.
  • Radalink processes the data, prepares a complete personalized report, reviews the data for evidence of tampering, and delivers the report via email as a PDF attachment to the inspector, his client, and even the Realtor if designated.

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Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection-  Certified Individual #1609 and Firm #1610
National Environmental Health Asociation Certification # 100931 RT 

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